Capitalism is the disaster

The term ‘disaster capitalism,’ was popularly and formally examined by climate justice professor, author and journalist Naomi Klein, her definition of the phenomenon can be described as an “extreme [form of] capitalism that advocated [for the] privatization and deregulation in the wake of war or natural catastrophe.”

United for peace

People over Plastic stands with the Palestinians in Gaza and calls on Biden and the US Congress to demand an immediate ceasefire

Court of Public Pollution: Diane Wilson v. Formosa Plastics

Diane Wilson's involvement in 2019 landmark case, San Antonio Bay Estuarine Waterkeeper And Diane Wilson vs. Formosa Plastics Corp.,Texas and Formosa Plastics Corp., USA, led a settlement of $50 million — the largest settlement won by a private citizen fighting industrial polluters.

COMMENTARY: How To Survive the Heat Dome & Petition for Workers’ Rights

The RGV has been seeing triple digits for over a week straight, and the heat isn’t calming down, with the heat index, or “feels like” temps, reaching over 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Pharr Riot in Texas and the Need for Mexican-American Studies

In this article, republished from our local journalism partner at Rio Grande Valley's Trucha, we explore a chapter in Mexican-American civil rights history that is not well known. This republish is part of a three-part series in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month.

Refillery Station Prevents Single Use Plastic in Rio Grande Valley, Texas "Republished from"

When we think of the most sustainable and greenest cities in America, McAllen is pretty low (and nonexistent) on the list. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t people like Marisa Bravo who are taking the necessary steps to make positive and eco-friendly changes within the RGV community through her community-centered and sustainability-focused shop, RGV Refillery.


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