Season 1, Episode 1


In conversation with Artivist extraordinaire Von Wong and Community Organizer Miss Sharon Lavigne

It’s 2021: We’ve seen the videos, the nightly news clips, and the headlines that plastic pollution is a major threat to our planet. We unequivocally understand that we are drowning in a man-made material that pollutes our air, water, soil, and wildlife. But did you know that making plastic - cups, straws, bags, cutlery, styrofoam, pouches, polyester sweaters and yoga pants... is directly linked to the climate crisis and locks in cycles of harm to communities of color around the globe? 99% of plastic comes from fossil fuels and plastic production is a major driver of keeping the fossil fuel industry afloat. In order to tackle both the plastic pollution and the climate crisis, we must hold the fossil fuel industry to account.

In our inaugural episode, you’ll hear from two unlikely voices demanding industry accountability. Artivist Von Wong’s latest project is a 30-foot tall giant levitating tap to remind governments and corporations that the plastic crisis needs to be front and center in decision-making. You'll also hear from retired special Ed teacher, Miss Sharon Lavigne, who recently halted the Formosa plastics complex that would triple the levels of carcinogens from coming into her hometown. Sharon lives in the heart of Louisiana's Cancer Alley, a region of the US which is already blighted by racism and exorbitant cancer rates from industry polluters.

The only way to stop harming communities of color at every step of the plastic pollution lifecycle, is to stop making so much plastic. #PeopleOverPlastic.


Season and episode cover artwork by Greg Dubois @marvelgd

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Season 2, Episode 5

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Season 1, Episode 1


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