Republishing Guidelines

People over Plastic welcomes and encourages other outlets to carry our stories and benefit from the long-standing relationships we’ve spent years cultivating. Outlets can republish our articles in their entirety, for free, subject to the following guidelines:

1. Let us know if you plan to re-publish!

If you do republish an article of ours, please let us know. We like to keep track of new audiences. Email us at

2. Give proper credit

Be sure to give People over Plastic credit for the piece you republish, in this format: “By [Author Name], People over Plastic”.

At the bottom of your piece, please include the following copy: PoP is the only multicultural media platform of its kind, publishing stories by BIPOC for BIPOC. We focus on uplifting our people’s environmental justice stories and we do so in a way that is both nuanced, sensitive, and in-depth. Our approach is to build community relationships first.

Include a link to the People over Plastic homepage (

3. Link to the original story

Online publications are to ensure the link to the original story is included in the first paragraph. For articles and content you translate, kindly include a note that mentions the story was originally published in English along with a link to the original story.

4. Don’t modify the text

Kindly do not modify the text of the original story.  In some instances, we ask community collaborators to review their quotes for accuracy. We want to ensure the integrity of their words remains intact. Feel free to add additional reporting, updates on new developments or commentary. If you choose to do so, please include a note that says, “Additional reporting by [Outlet Reporter]”.

5. Feel free to use our art and media! (Just tell us first).

If you’d like to use any of our media apart from the text of an article—such as photos or graphics—please contact us at

6. Share widely on Social Media

If you share the story on social media, please mention/tag our social media handles: Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, LinkedIn.

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