Season 4, Episode 2


featuring climate justice activists Dr. Joy Banner, Yvette Arellano, and grassroots change-makers Bekah Hinojosa and Destiney Barnes

In today's episode, we'll explore the growing challenge faced by climate skeptics and those profiting from the fossil fuel industry. It's becoming increasingly difficult to ignore the undeniable impacts of oil and gas giants, the plastics industry, and the issue of environmental racism. In this context, we see the rise of false solutions that claim to protect our environment, but often prioritize profit over the well-being of people and the health of our planet.

Joining us today are two remarkable voices in the climate justice movement. Dr. Joy Banner, Co-Founder of the Descendants Project, and Yvette Arellano, Founder and Executive Director of Fenceline Watch, will help us dissect these false solutions that they encounter in the ongoing battle against industrial polluters.

We'll also be inspired by the stories of grassroots change-makers. Brownsville Community Activist Bekah Hinojosa will share insights into the challenges her community faces against SpaceX and LNG facilities. And Louisiana Green Corp graduate Destiny Barnes will shine a light on the positive steps being taken in her community to support clean energy and green infrastructure.

Tune in as our co-hosts Shilpi Chhotray and Alexis Young navigate the complex landscape of climate change, uncovering false solutions, and celebrating the real progress being made in communities like New Orleans, Louisiana.

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