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People over Plastic Season Three Podcast Trailer - with Prism

Go deep into the personal stories of communities across the United States most impacted by climate change, plastic pollution, and society’s most pressing injustices. Together with our host Shilpi Chhotray and Prism’s climate justice reporter Ray Levy Uyeda, we’ll learn much more about the industrial polluters and politicians that are turning cities and towns across the US into sacrifice zones – and the incredible community leaders driving transformational social change.
The series will source answers to critical questions including; What are the decades-old redlining policies, failed lawsuits, and behind-closed-door corporate deals behind these stories? Who are the politicians and associations involved in the creation and endurance of sacrifice zones? In short, how did we get here?
Episode 1 drops on October 13th, be sure to follow and subscribe.  

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Speaker 1 [00:00:07] [00:00:07]"Imagine waking up every day knowing that you're fighting for people's lives. I mean, what better feeling is there?" [4.2s]

Speaker 2 [00:00:12] Hey, everyone. Welcome back. I'm Shilpi Chhotray. Join me for another season of people over plastic.

Speaker 3 [00:00:21] [00:00:21]So much of media in the U.S. is white-centered both in terms of who is making the news, but also in terms of who is being written about and how they are being written about. [11.0s]

Speaker 2[00:00:33] This season, we're honored to join forces with PRISM, a nonprofit newsroom led by journalists of color.

Speaker 4 [00:00:41] [00:00:41]But the problem is the police foundation is spearheading this whole thing. [4.3s]

Speaker 2[00:00:46] With Prism's climate justice reporter Ray Levy Uyeda. We're bringing you stories directly from the ground in the fight against industrial polluters and environmental racism.

Speaker 2[00:00:56] You know, the EPA, like a lot of other Federal Agencies, doesn't exist to protect the environment or to protect people. It exists to tell polluting entities how much they can pollute.

Speaker 2 [00:01:06] [00:01:06]We're getting deep into questions like, "What are the decades old redlining policies, the failed lawsuits, and the closed door corporate deals behind these fights?". [8.6s]

Speaker 2[00:01:16] [00:01:16]In short, how did we get here? [1.9s]

Speaker 4 [00:01:19] You know, but we're not giving up. I mean, I learned long time ago that you don't win fights by giving up.

Speaker 2 [00:01:24] [00:01:24]In a time of climate chaos, we are all desperate to find solutions to the issues that matter the most, the fight to save our environment and end systemic racism. [9.2s]

Speaker 2[00:01:35] Episode one drops on October 13th. Tune in on all major streaming platforms and subscribe. In the meantime, you can follow People over Plastic and Prism on Instagram and Twitter. [00:01:47]Talk to you soon!

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