Season 4, Episode 4


On today’s show, we delve into the profound role that faith plays for Black and Indigenous environmental activists in their relentless pursuit of both climate justice and racial justice. Drawing inspiration from Matthew 17:20-21, which reminds us that even faith as small as a mustard seed can move mountains, we explore how these activists have harnessed their faith to drive change.

Joining us are remarkable individuals whose faith has moved industrial polluters and deepened their connection with the Earth. Dr. Joy Banner, Co-Founder of the Descendants Project, and Shamyra Lavigne, from Rise St. James, share their powerful narratives of how their faith compelled them to take action against industrial polluters, ultimately reclaiming their homes.

Additionally, Frankie Orona, representing The Society of Native Nations, sheds light on the ancestral wisdom passed down through generations—the kind of wisdom that encourages a profound and healing relationship with nature. Frankie advocates for this enduring connection with the Earth, one that soothes and honors our planet.

Tune in as our co-hosts Shilpi Chhotray and Alexis Young explore the intersection of faith, environmental activism, and the transformative power of belief in the fight for justice and the Earth's well-being.

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